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NAME/HANDLE: seimiya
CONTACT: aim: BEAT MY MACHINE plurk: iambecoming

CHARACTER NAME: Erin “Ali” Gavin
AGE: 28

Short, with dirty-blonde hair. She has a heart-shaped face with an old facial tattoo from a dare in her teenage years, and is more-or-less always smiling. Her gaze is slightly off, being blind, and she tends to look beyond things rather than actually at them. She is, in general, a small person: a bit too thin, with small hands and small feet. Her feet are perpetually dirty, as she’s almost always barefoot. She tends towards perfectly average clothes, although she doesn’t match more often than not, due to said blindness. Despite her smallness, she’s lean and built like a gymnast, and while her physical hands aren’t very strong, she has great endurance and is extremely agile. See icons.


On the surface, it is exactly the same: subways bustle underneath New York City, businessmen mumble and grumble, wives gossip. People complain about their jobs. But there are differences - big ones. The world that Ali was born into was rocked by an explosion of bizarre proportions three hundred years before her birth. From the ashes grew the Jupiter Organization, a multinational group with intentions to rule the world. And while they do this, powers start appearing: people can suddenly shoot fire and walk through walls, though they learn that it’s not quite like what they’ve seen on TV. That fire still burns, for example, and even if you can walk through walls, your ipod and clothes don’t have the same power. Jupiter, understanding that it’s smarter to be shadowy and mysterious, allows Ceres Limited to grow: a multinational skincare corporation with a massive black-market side that specializes in guns, drugs, and anything you want. Under these two groups, the world grows back to its former self. It’s not difficult to have technology become something, as all the factories and buildings are perfectly stable. And now with people to lead and coax the world into where it should be, all they need is the population increase and the schooling.

It’s with this kind of growing that the world grows back to the way we’re accustomed. The stock market starts up again: oil barons become fantastically rich, there are people on welfare, medicaid, and everywhere in the middle. Though the powers remain suppressed, it seems they’ve wiped out most terrible diseases aside from the rare case. They’re also a non-topic: people who have powers are told not to talk about it or their pills, or to use them in public. After all, it’s best just to be a normal person living your normal life, regardless of what you do or where you do it.

Of course, it goes without saying that not everyone’s happy with this arrangement. There are plenty of conspiracy groups and theories discussing the existence of what has now become a shadowy group of people controlling the world. There are plenty of people who know and hate that the biggest company in the world is also the most corrupt.

The Sevens is one of these groups. Created by the mysterious Commander Wuertz, a gas-mask-wearing, fire-shooting vigilante, they spend most of their time running around in disguise and using their powers to disturb black market trade. So far, they’ve managed to avoid being stomped out.


Up until her preteen years, Ali (then Erin) lived what most of us would consider a very normal life. Her parents, James and Rebecca, were an industrial engineer and a stay-at-home mom. She had a devious older brother, Chris (six years older), who frequently tricked her into stunts to further his unusually fierce self-serving ambition. Interestingly enough, she was also perfectly capable of seeing.

This was her perfectly average, public-school, 20/20 vision life, until one day, she discovered quite by accident that she could easily control the thing she was standing on. Parking structure floors? Turned into whatever shape she wanted. That 4x4 square of carpet? Equally as mobile. Telling her parents this, one excited preteen day, she was told that it was perfectly all right, but make sure you take one of these pills a day, and try not to destroy anything. Chris, in college and eyeing a very prestigious position in Ceres, a multinational multibillionaire skincare company, noted this sudden change in his optimistic, cheerful sister with a very jealous eye.

Of course, that’s where things get a little mixed up. That’s where very-average Erin catches the eye of a secret, controlling organization making sure that people who can control the ground aren’t destroying the world. To keep it simple, they don’t like it at all that someone with so much power can be manipulated by the reputation-inflated Chris Gavin. And instead of messing with Chris Gavin, they decide that a little memory fix is necessary for thirteen-year-old Erin.

So she wakes up in four months thinking she’s been a foster kid all her life. So, she wakes up four months later thinking her name is Ali, and so she wakes up blind. She’s pulled away from the potential danger of her older brother (that she no longer believes she has, by the way), from the average life. The ability to manipulate the ground, though, gives her an added benefit: it creates a kind of sonar of the world, allowing her to function rather well even though she’s now in the dark. Of course, this requires being barefoot in New York City all the time, which can lead to nasty feet - but worse things have happened.

In between barely keeping a retail job, she staggers upon the Sevens. The Sevens, interested in taking down Ceres (which everyone knows is corrupt as hell, but no one can be prove it) spends a lot of time breaking into warehouses and planning secret plans. Ali finds herself best friend and constant shoulder to lean on to their leader, Commander Wuertz, a cynical, generally depressed cop who hides behind a gas mask and shoots fire. It’s only four years into these escapades that she realizes that not only is the leader of Ceres is Chris Gavin, but Chris Gavin is also, well, her brother. Despite this, the Commander pulls her through it the way she’s managed to pull him through things. Despite this, her memories of what might have been her real life are foggy at best: to this day, she’s not even really sure to believe that he’s her brother after all.


As a whole, Ali is a nice girl. She’s nice to be around, she means well, she’s likely to give you the benefit of the doubt, and she doesn’t mind apologizing. A history of being the optimistic one of a negative group usually means that she’s always looking for the bright side, even if it’s tiny: the world is ending, but at least all the horrible people are going to die more. Nothing irks her more than endless pessimists.. You’d think that someone with a mysterious past and being blind wouldn’t be so cheerful all the time, but it can get to the point where it’s downright annoying. She avoids grudges.

Despite her cheer, he’s got a wry side to her that she ends to use to point out the obvious and make people feel crappy when they’re putting someone down. This side frequently comes out around friends being negative idiots, regular idiots, or generally depressed, along with people who are downright jerks. More than most things, Ali dislikes mean people, and people who are cruel for the sake of being cruel. She has a habit of defending the little guy from the bully and tends to ignore odds when running into this kind of situation (she can usually handle herself, anyway). She has a sarcastic streak, but doesn’t like it when people use sarcasm or any other kind of meanness as a first response.

That being said, she knows when to put her foot down and get something done, and she’s battle-hardened and capable enough to do some pretty unfortunate things if that’s the case. She hates killing people, though she’s done it (not because she wanted to, and it made her sick), and she’s more than able to dish out a fair share of violence. While she may come off as cute and girly, she will hurt. She’s a little like a superhero in those parts, and although she strongly dislikes getting serious, she’s certainly capable of doing so.

Her default upset mode is solitude, with a side of screaming hysterics. She’s a secret sap, with a thing for girly movies, sad commercials, and perfect romances - a glance into a “normal” life she never really lived. If the nose-grindstone situation doesn’t pull out her hero mode, it’ll probably result in aforementioned screaming hysterics.


Ali possesses two connected abilities.

The first is that she can control what she’s standing on, provided she’s touching it, necessitating bare feet. The control stretches to only what she’s actually standing on: putting her on a 2x2 square of carpet renders her effectively powerless, and standing in the middle of a parking garage would give her quite the weapon. This doesn’t just count what she’s standing on: it also applies to whatever her feet touch, be that a doorknob, a wall, or what have you. Her usual attack is to find a nice long stretch of something (warehouse floors, usually) and turn it into a massive hand rolling out of the ground. This hand will give you a bad day, because it’s a giant hand made out of concrete that wants to wreck you.

Standing on things also allows her a sonar-type vision of the world, with specifics to what she’s walking on. Usually, she uses this to navigate a busy city street, given as how it makes it quite easy to avoid shrapnel, angry bikers and so forth. There more she concentrates, the further she can see, though again, this only extends to what exactly she’s standing on or touching. If a floor is carpeted, she would only be able to see the carpet, though this might extend past walls and give her full mental blueprint of the floor. The other option would be, for example, a steel wall, giving her a blueprint of the whole building.


Upon arriving into the game, Ali will have been in the middle of a mission, so she will have:

-normal clothes (jeans, a turtleneck and a t-shirt, as well as leather gloves and bare feet)
-a 9MM gun with a full chamber
-a multipurpose knife
-a “phantom of the opera” style mask
-a bulletproof vest
-a walkie-talkie


[there’s a small click as the voice mode turns on; additionally, on top of the mid-20’s girl voice everyone is hearing, there’s also a strange sound of rumbling, like a lot of sand is being moved at once. it’s quiet enough so the girl’s voice is heard, but it doesn’t go away when she talks. ]

Wuertz, come in? If you’re there, commander....

[A pause. The rumbling comes closer, then fades again.]


Crazy dream? Met someone who’s got a nasty power that got me? Died? I don’t know, none of these really ring the right bell. One moment you’re trying to stop a heroin shipment, and the next moment you’re on a beach and it’s... pretty warm out, actually. It was seriously cold in New York, so this is bad news. I guess if they were really interested in wrecking my day, it wouldn’t seem so nice. Or maybe this is just a trick to lure me into a false sense of security.

[Her voice is now accompanied by the sound of footsteps in sand.]

Anyone else there? My name’s Ali. I’m... looking for a place to stay, I guess. I don’t think staying on the beach is a good idea. Could be mistaken for a hobo and beaten or something crazy. And honestly I really don’t want to have to convince someone I’m not a hobo.


Ali was usually excused from scouting locations for obvious reasons, though at this point Wuertz had felt that she was the only one he could trust. As a result, rather than sitting in the car they usually used for scouting, they were on a bench. Ali knew it was Alex because of the tacks he’d put in his boots - all of the Sevens had them now, arranged intricately so Ali knew which one was which. Ali had her bare feet on the ground and her eyes closed, allowing her to spread her senses out. The New York concrete went on forever, and she had blueprints for miles right now.

“Anything good on your end?” Wuertz asked, adjusting his posture. She knew where he was looking - the suspicious warehouse just down the end of the block. “Plenty of people coming and going for this to make sense.”

“Definitely what we’re looking for,” she said. “Place is bigger than it looks. A lot of palates of something - not heavy, either. I’d guess plants. Seven or eight guys who are staying in there, pacing, probably guards. When the people go in, they don’t wait long.” She slid off the bench. “I’m gonna get some food for both of us. We’re on 122nd, right? There’s a McDonalds down the street.”

It was easy to figure out where the place was, when she stuck close to the wall. The arches were visible in her mental blueprints as she touched the wall, and the line was easy enough to figure out. She ordered two Big Macs and a large fries and two Cokes, and when she got back Wuertz’s weight was leaning forward. “Hey, superhero, can’t save the world if you don’t eat,” She urged cheerfully, offering him a smile. “We’re gonna get this place. It’s gonna be a breeze. And then they can talk shit about us in the newspaper.”

Alex laughed sadly next to her and put a hand on her shoulder. “Don’t you know it.”


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